The Drunk History of Alcoholocaust

Alcoholocaust was formed in the unholy beginning of 2006 by a conspiracy between Blasphemator and Possessus to fulfill their will to do some Old School Heavy Metal while drinking some beers. To complete their horde, they went to the nearest bar and invited Arcanus and Necrus to complete the line-up. After some sessions of alcoholic rehearsing, verbal abusing, beer vomits, desecration, mental disturbing & evilness spreading, they started playing live and after some gigs in their home town (noone wanted to take this shit out of there) Alcoholocaust recorded a rehearsal tape with a shitty sound, cause they just wanted it that way. 

After the release of "Ensaio do Diabo", they thrashed and got violently drunk in some stages all over Portugal and also invaded Holland for a couple gigs and poser beating. In March 2008, they realized while in hangover state that it was time to record some new neck breaking tracks of bestial & blasphemic rock n'rolling speed/thrash metal and get drunk again so they entered Orion Studios filled with alcohol, chains, bullets, denim and leather and recorded the upcoming demo "Speed Degredo Metal", with 4 new anthems to Heavy Metal, booze & lust, to be unleashed from the depths of hell in August 2008. 

Meanwhile, it was time to Arcanus part way with the anti-sobriety squad, who started an unholy quest for new alcoholic abusing rebels. The first hardrocker was found in a pile of empty beer bottles, who joined the damned army as a 666-stringburner, named in piss and vomit as Desekrator. Later on, Jpunkz Hardbocker was recruited for the anti-goth flamethrowers team, joining as the new hellstorming bulldozer drummer. With this renewed complete anti-poser brigade they will just enter in the nearest bar, abuse on alcohol, disrespect, spread anarchy and mayhem, bang their heads and thrash. 

Once more, they don’t have plans for the future. No fucking compromises!

Alcoholocaust (Por) "10 Anos Speed Degredo Metal" Tee (Girlie S)

Alcoholocaust (Por) "10 Anos Speed Degredo Metal" Tee (Girlie S)

Helldprod T-shirt, Girlie S..

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