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18.11.2017 // New Arrivals!!!

Abominator (Aus) "Evil Proclaimed" CD

Acid Witch ‎– Midnight Movies" MLP

Ankhagram (Rus) "Neverending Sorrow" CD

Barbatos (Jap) "Straight Metal War" CD

Blasphemic Cruelty (Us) "Crucible Of The Infernum" MCD

Blood Feast ‎– "The Future State Of Wicked" CD

Bonehunter (Fin) "Evil Triumphs Again" CD

Cianide (US) "Death, Doom And Destruction" CD

Deathhammer (Nor) "Evil Power" CD

Deathhammer (Nor) "Evil Power" LP w/ Poster

Dokuga / Systemik Viølence "Make Punk Raw Again" Split 7” EP 2017

Doomstone (US) "Those Whom Satan Hath Joined" CD

Doomstone (US) "Satanavoid" CD

Gwydion (Por) "Veteran" CD

Haxxan (US) "Loch Ness Rising" CD

High Spirits (US) "You Are Here" CD

Ironsword (Por) "None But The Brave" CD

Lucifer's Hammer (Chil) "Beyond The Omens" CD

Midnight (US) "Satanic Royalty" LP w/ Poster

Nornahetta (Ice) "Synesthetic Pareidolia" CD, A5 Digipak 2017

Nunslaughter (US) "Devils Congeries - Volume 1" DCD

NunSlaughter (US) "Angelic Dread" DCD

Nunslaughter (US) / Sloth (US) "Split 7" (Picture disc w/ Insert)

Pagan Altar (UK) "The Time Lord" MCD

Perversor (Chil) "Anticosmocrator" CD

Profanatica (US) "Sickened By Holy Host / The Grand Masters Session" CD

Profanatica (US) "The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy" CD

Sabbat (Jap) / Paganfire (Phil) "Sabbatical Vermin Born - The Witchhammer Of The Power Elitist" Split LP

Sigihl (Pol) "Trauermärsche (And A Tango Upon The World's Grave)" CD, Digipak

Thugnor (Por) "The End Of Time" CD / Digipak

Joel Grind (US) "The Yellowgoat Sessions" CD

Vietah (Bel) "Zorny Maroz" CD

Vietah (Bel) "Smalisty Žah" CD

Vietah (Bel) "Tajemstvy Noczy" CD

Vietah (Bel) "Czornaja ćviĺ" CD

Void Meditation Cult (US) "Utter The Tongue Of The Dead" CD

The Exploited (Uk) "Punk Singles & Rarities 1980-83" DLP

The Exploited (Uk) "Punk Singles & Rarities 1980-83" DLP

Punk2×LP, Compilation, Red and Yellow 2014 / Let Them Eat Vinyl..

22.00€ Ex Tax: 22.00€

Tod Huetet Uebel (Por) "N.A.D.A." MCD

Tod Huetet Uebel (Por) "N.A.D.A." MCD

CD, EP 2017 / Caverna Abismal Records Black MetalComes in a 4 panel Digisleeve with THU's logo ..

8.00€ Ex Tax: 8.00€

Venus Torment (Chi) "Overdose of Suffering“ CD

Venus Torment (Chi) "Overdose of Suffering“ CD

Debut album of VENUS TORMENT, the band of RIPPER’s vocalist/ axeman Patricio Spalinger. Total lethal..

12.00€ Ex Tax: 12.00€

Von (US) "Satanic Blood Ritual" DVD

Von (US) "Satanic Blood Ritual" DVD

DVD-Video, NTSC 2010Black MetalNuclear War Now! Productions..

10.00€ Ex Tax: 10.00€

Wømb "Perceptions Of Sightlessness" CS

Wømb "Perceptions Of Sightlessness" CS

Demo 2013Raw Black Metal // Purodium Rekords..

10.00€ Ex Tax: 10.00€

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