• Funebrüm "Damnatus ad Mors Lentus" Demo

A shadowy entity hailing from the raw black metal hotbed of Portugal, FUNERBRÜM indeed do embody some of the aesthetic qualities of their equally shadowy contemporaries - howling desperation, nearly chaotic desiccation, a return to misery and comfort - but further sublimate this sonic regression through ghostly, stuck-in-glue textures that owe as much to funeral doom as they do black metal. Expanses open up - and WIDELY - and out emerge the spectres of unhallowed thirst and unrequited love, slashed savagely apart into splintered cosmic debris, ever to linger across a throbbing soundfield of static and tension. Set for release on December 2nd at Invicta Requiem Mass III, FUNERBRÜM's Demo II prepares you for the hangman's noose.

CS 2017 // Doom Black Metal

Limited to 50 copies

Harvest Of Death

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Funebrüm "Damnatus ad Mors Lentus" Demo

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